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adventuring in the clouds

jillian rose

Ahhh. New beginnings.  Tim and I are (mostly) settled in our new apartment that faces the Rocky Mountains.  But before I start posting about new adventures, here are some photos from my first time in the whites!  My friend Betsy got me psyched on mountains back in September when we hiked up Mt. Jefferson and Adams.  I actually lived in Gorham when I was very little - too little to climb a mountain... 

Adventure route: The first day we took a Lowe's Path up to Gray Knob, a little cabin in the woods.  Day two was an 8 hour, 7 mile Jefferson/ Adams loop!  Maybe more of a figure 8.   We started up the Gray Knob trail, crossed Israel Ridge to Randolph path to I think the Jefferson Loop.  We were so socked in we couldn't figure out if we were at the top!  Then we took the Gulfside Trail across the ridge and were blown around by 50mph gusts!!!  The wind was steady at around 37mph. (Betsy had a fancy measuring device).  We continued on Gulfside, past Adams and down to the Madison hut.  From there we took the Star Lake Trail up to Adams, which was beautiful and really steep!  The Star Lake was all foggy and the wind was blowing ripples around on the water.  After reaching the summit, we then went over Adams 4/Abagail, and down Lowe's back to Gray Knob.  Holy smokes! The last day, the clouds lifted.  Before hiking down, we spent a little time at the Quay -- and I was able to see the majestic views for the first time!!!  It's a different world up there.

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