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mini moon

jillian rose

Tim & I just celebrated our 2nd anniversary.  I like to think of myself as a romantic, but a bottle of Maker's Mark just didn't seem special enough.  So, I made him a "love bug" book with photos from our honeymoon.  Those photos will come later, but here are some from our "mini moon".  I was teaching Spanish at the time and couldn't take our actual honeymoon until holiday break, so we drove to western CT with a camera & some expired film.  We spent a few days at Bella Alpacas Farm, explored Kent Falls, and tooted around Alex Grey's CoSM, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.  

An alpaca sneezed on Tim's face.


((Kent Falls))


((CoSM Chapel of Sacred Mirrors))

"A sanctuary for seeing ourselves and the world as reflections of the Divine"