photo journal


jillian rose

oh, sweet amethyst!  

the color of aster, rainbows, magic, and mystery

a healing stone.

What a beaut! The first of its kind!  A gorgeous piece of amethyst sits in my raw copper and recycled silver mixed-metal signature ring.  Always refining and trying new things, I cut a section out of a band this time and soldered the exposed ends to the outside of the bezel, allowing for an open-back setting to let the magic through!  The amethyst was hand-cut from faceted rough by an Oregon-based lapidary artist and is truly a gem.  Translucent to transparent, the stone has excellent color and some interesting patterning. The whole piece was given an oxidized + brushed finish and the copper around the stone will darken with time.  Will fit like a 6 1/2.

>> shop update: 2.29

ps. I'm taking another little break to rest my hands.