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backyard leaves

jillian rose


"Cuando quieres algo, todo el Universo conspira para que realices tu deseo." ~ Paulo Coelho  

I'm journeying through the pages of the Alchemist again today while enjoying this beautiful spring-like weather with Sol!  These leaf bangles were inspired by a customer's vision as well as all the dried leaves with curly edges that I find necessary to gather and bring into the house -- fallen cottonwood leaves collected by the river, elegant ash leaves draped across the backyard.  White birch is native to Colorado as well.

Each leaf is double-sided so that it will look beautiful whichever way it decides to flip.  The bangles begin as some wire and sheet metal and after 4.5 solid hours at the bench, 6 solder joins, 30+ little hand-scribed lines, 16 little hand-stamped letters and countless strokes with sandpaper and my new jewelers' saw -- voilà!  A leaf bangle! I hope you enjoy :)

shop update: tomorrow, Feb. 29th (12p Mountain Time)