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jillian rose


<<< grit to build invisible things >>>


A-frame dreams at 8,000 ft




The temp just dropped from 82* to 38* on the way back to the cabin from town! Rain turned to slush and marble-sized hail with rolling thunder as I made my way up the canyon. This mountain weather is crazy, it's almost June. but the sun's out now...the peepers, too! This is home, a triangle surrounded by ponderosa.


80* and hazy.  summer is here! went to the river, took too many photos, so beautiful. aspen leaves shuttering against the pale blue hazy sky. remembering and feeling.

an elk just ran down the street! 


note to self: do not paint in june!

literally everything, inside & out, is covered in yellow ponderosa pollen.

A bitch of a time.  I was so annoyed tearing down the tarp for some reason.  Is 8 nails vs. 3 nails really a big deal?  but when you hear the thunder start cracklin’ in the mountains, be thankful for a tarp! and all of Tim’s nails.  

Naps are good, take naps.  Work is good, do work.  Food is good, eat food.  Play is good, let yourself play.  Nature and stillness are good, have both.  inside + out, here + there, me + you, light + dark.  No smokes, no smokes, no smokes.


Day 1, no smokes.

“How do you eat an elephant?”, he asked me.  “One piece at a time.”


Today I jumped in the river on the way back from the farm. It felt so good! (I went to sleep with images of thistle + beet greens in my eyelids.)


I ran to the river this morning – first mountain run at 7,600’ elevation. 1.2mi. Magical ferns and mossy stumps. Lichen, grey + curled.


Introvertedly social.

Tim climbed the roof to fix the cap and burn his ass for 4 hours as I belayed. Summer and Estes.


I just saw one of those “abbot” (Abert) squirrels!  Laying on the deck, doing my PT, I hear all this scratching.  I open my eyes, and there’s this peculiar black squirrel checking out my rock collection in the tree.  The ears had long tufts at the end, together probably measuring 2” tall!  I placed 2 pecans on one of the rocks in hope that it will return.  Magical creature! ~11:30am

>>a shift<<

Wednesday, June 29th

scary thunder!

a new pillow!

bacon on the stove! (with lemon)


all these magical things lined up.

Sunday, July 3rd

The light and the dark and the freedom for both 

(and all the little rainbows in between)

“for those concerned with freedom”


-- the 4th –

I saw my first BEAR on a hike the other day.  A beautiful cinnamon black bear!  I had fallen off my bike, which is somewhat normal, looked up, and there he was across the river.  Up the lush green hillside he climbed, plopped down on this bum, and watched through the leaves ‘ till we went on our way!



I had a dream last night that my beef fat had offended someone, somewhere, somehow.

fallen tallow.


a weekly checklist, a daily checklist




hey, I’m thinking about leaving the country – want to come with me? to the stars and planets and blackness all around. whose world would it be? how would you claim your space to float? a galaxy, even! just look above, from there we may see clearly.


when my wrist acts up, I feel like a butterfly with a broken wing.  to fly, to create. Isn’t this the same?



Anoche soñé con un hombre con un parasol de arco iris, a quién fue atacado por un oso negro y un león -- en un escarpamiento.  (visible desde la huellas mias)

OUT/IN your environment.  his wife wanted him to wear sunglasses.


So, what do you do? and you? and you? I bake, I make, I dream, I eat.  with all the other things in between.

feelings like beehives. the outer most layer is the easiest to see, the one you can touch, the ever-changing. what wears away to reveal what it holds, it’s “truest” nature. without disguise. do not crumble for them. shed for the snakes that taught you about outgrowing old skin. and how to honor the sunshine + the darkness. never polar, always everything. twists and turns and turns.


laying on the deck, dong my PT, hummingbirds whistle around my head and rainbow clouds pull apart like cotton candy in the sky.  This morning I helped make over 170 pies at the bakery.  The hummers buzz around like referees and Sol smacks his lips, crouched with big eyes.  Can the hunted also hold power?


I’m so happy, so happy, so happy.

I am not an exclamation point.  A lichened stone softened by the waters, the river.

I think love is not asking the other person to stop doing something that makes them happy so you’ll be happier.


from the soil, to the soul

energy of lands with sickness vs. virgin forest.

wild spaces free to grow at the will of nature, the universe.

Aug 2nd

"But she continually put off writing, partly because she preferred standing to sitting at a desk, and partly because she could not fix the process in her mind clearly enough to make words of it. She stood in the light of the window morning and evening, and read the stony words in the geological handbooks. She stood by the mirror in the bathroom and tried to identify the components of her crust."   A. S. Byatt, A Stone Woman


Listen to the thunder rolling through the full mountain’s hips. caderas magicales de criaturas ancianas (majestuosas). Beautiful light.


home. home, home, home

the sky

(the stars!)

the quiet


(trees that smell like vanilla)

the dry wind swirls the dirt like smoke above the road, leaves turn to gold, sun gives depth to a field of violet aster.

Sept 5

vivid dreams.

a stirring underground,


the only true fear is a lack of freedom,


death before I can fulfill my purpose.


I was thinking about earthen dams, connecting clay to clay, how most of the water is held in the ground, the smallest part of the reservoir showing. working with nature, building things, filaments held in glass, a fragile image of security.

10.4 7:47a

a lone turkey makes (her) way across the backyard. two, four, five, maybe 6 more enter from stage left.

“Sweet Bean” Japanese

sad eyes, salty + sweet, invent + create, re-create

talking to the moon, waving to the trees, listening to the canary

Make a difference before you go.

Are the most beautiful people those who have overcome?  

Oct 5


creating a love galaxy

right brain, always

a guide

like swimming around with your head chopped off

already on the other side.

"inside oooout, outside in."

so, everything with the house is taking, like 10x longer than expected.

wouldn’t trade it.