photo journal

hoppy spring

jillian rose

awakening rainbows

blooming stars!

my first little batch of hand-carved wax returned from the caster today, magically transformed into silver! my mother made this patchwork quilt and gave it to me for my birthday last month -- love, unity, diversity. such beautiful colors coming together. 

"it's a beautiful time to be alive"

"is it?"

and I suppose it is. 

this past weekend was 72* in the mountains. the birds are starting to sing again, and their music is all just so pleasing. Sol took the happiest dust bath of his life yesterday and today I felt the earth with bare feet for the first time this year. there are bunnies in the bushes and tassel-earred squirrels in the trees.  a frog of some sort comes out in the evening, along with a resident owl who sounds like a dove!

enjoying the light, hope you are too      xo