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lunar landings

jillian rose

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so, i thought i'd share a little about what's been goin' on with my left wing lately. here's an x-ray and a still from my MRI i got done a couple weeks ago. you can see a cyst inside the lunate bone (the moooon!), which is mooost likely what's behind all the "jewelry pains" i've been battling over the past few years. it's about 1/3 size of the bone, taking up space, making it weak and causing little stress fractures when i overdo it. boo. MD says they can surgically scrape out the cyst and pack it with bone.  i'm hesitant with all the cabin work still going on.

soooo, i'm in the "thinking about it" stage. for now i'm focusing on being gentle on my body instead of commanding it to be a different way. always good practice!  i took a wax carving class last month (first jewelry class since high school!) and am really getting psyched on the whole casting process, which, along with the guidance of some super talented local healers, has definitely helped my spirits lately! funny how physical limits are pushing me in a new beautiful direction.  you start to feel crazy when you know something's up but no one else can see it...you know? it's so nice to have some sort of answer.