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backyard leaves

jillian rose


"Cuando quieres algo, todo el Universo conspira para que realices tu deseo." ~ Paulo Coelho  

I'm journeying through the pages of the Alchemist again today while enjoying this beautiful spring-like weather with Sol!  These leaf bangles were inspired by a customer's vision as well as all the dried leaves with curly edges that I find necessary to gather and bring into the house -- fallen cottonwood leaves collected by the river, elegant ash leaves draped across the backyard.  White birch is native to Colorado as well.

Each leaf is double-sided so that it will look beautiful whichever way it decides to flip.  The bangles begin as some wire and sheet metal and after 4.5 solid hours at the bench, 6 solder joins, 30+ little hand-scribed lines, 16 little hand-stamped letters and countless strokes with sandpaper and my new jewelers' saw -- voilà!  A leaf bangle! I hope you enjoy :)

shop update: tomorrow, Feb. 29th (12p Mountain Time) 

shop update

jillian rose

moon love ☾
chain: 16" oxidized sterling silver

These little moon babes are in the shop! The small size and short chain are absolutely perfect for everyday wear! Each crescent is cut from raw copper with a jeweler's saw, soldered to sterling silver, oxidized and hand finished, making each piece slightly unique. Available in a simple crescent, crescent with stars, "la luna", or "la lune". These 4 are ready-to-ship!

More work will be listed on LEAP DAY in my shop update! (2/29/16)