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ELM & MRP 9.25.15

jillian rose

happy October!! 

I just made my 7th Feather Project donation to Cultural Survival and First People's Worldwide!

Last weekend was magical.  Two of my close friends tied the knot and chose meeeee to make the jewelry!  Feather bangles for the bridesmaids, triangles and arrows for friends, a sunflower and an aspen necklace for mom.  

A celebration and light and love. 

What's really cool is that Matt & Liz's wedding alone added $30 to my Feather Project donation, providing support for the rights of indigenous peoples around the world!

>> new blog post(s) with 35mm photos coming sooooon!

the bride's initials and wedding date  ∞

the bride's initials and wedding date

IMG_0250 - Copy.JPG