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Feather Project // update

jillian rose

Happy February!  I just made my 5th Feather Project donation to Cultural Survival and First Peoples Worldwide! Since I began this project last May, sales have allowed me to donate close to $100 to these two organizations! So exciting! 

My feathers are hand-crafted from reclaimed/recycled or third party certified, ethically mined silver. I am thankful that Rio Grande Jewelry Making Supplies shares my concern for the earth. "Our refinery, which recycles silver and gold from a variety of sources, is 30 years old and has won numerous environmental awards over the years." We must continue to ask ourselves how our choices impact the planet and take responsibility for our actions!

I came across this article on First's People's website this morning and was reminded that THIS was one of my main motivators in creating this project. Wirikuta is a mountain that the Huichol people of Mexico believe to be the birthplace of the sun. They take pilgrimages there and receive guidance from the gods. First Majestic Silver, a Canadian mining company, only sees dollar signs in their sacred land. I believe that part of environmental protection is protecting the indigenous cultures that live in harmony with this earth. We all have the right to decide what happens to our own lands.

“These sites are alive, they have a heart, and we are worried that their veins will be destroyed.”