photo journal

mystic reflections

jillian rose

>> I learned <<

deer are magic, 

& so is the moon.

to be still and listen

& trust my intuition.

that the woods wash the anxiety away.

detachment &

that we are made of stardust.

chicken butts pucker incessantly.

yoga helps; good food helps.

alone does not mean being lonely.

to burn intentions in the fire.


sunshine makes me happy & also sleeping bags.

that barred owls sometimes sound like monkeys. (when they really get going)

the names of trees & birds & wildflowers.

that shadows are blessings,

the mind is a mirror

 & you can choose your own reality.

something about a new paradigm.

to open my heart.

to sleep with a corn bag.


the light makes the shadows.

to remember my roots.

at night, I am a butterfly.