photo journal

cloud series

jillian rose

Photography has been a challenge for me lately.  In Mystic I had a little corner set up with my wooden bowl and stump next to the window.  Bright cloudy days were photography days.  Here, I have to drive to a park so that I don't have street lights and railings mirrored in my stones.  It's so sunny most of the time that I ended up getting a light box to bring with me and I've tried props but the wind takes them away! Soooo, I've started photographing my work on my 35mm film photos.  On bright, cloudy, windless days...

These little clouds necklaces were inspired by a very rainy Spring here in northern Colorado.  I photographed them on a photo taken in Arch's National Park a couple months ago.  Tim and I had just spent week bouldering in Joe's Valley (Utah) with some friends and decided to stop at Arch's before heading back into the mountains.  

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