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magical little leaves

jillian rose

magical little leaves ☾

>>the process<<

I once met a farmer/geologist/builder who was looking for permaculture tenants. That part didn't work out, but somewhere between pulling hard at burdock root and learning how to eat stinging nettle, I fell in love with his medicinal cannabis garden. He cut the most beautiful bouquet of leaves for me one day, and we admired one particular 9-leafer against the sunlit cliff. It was especially fine. 

From there I drove back up the mountain, a happy camper, ready to experiment more with both clay and subject. The leaves were placed in a vase. I studied them, picked them apart. Deconstructed, I arranged them before me, making molds from my very most favorites...

Each leaf reflects one from this story and is hand-cut from fine silver clay. The pieces are fired at 1500*F, cleaned up, soldered to sterling silver ear posts +/ wires, oxidized with liver of sulfur and given a matte (er, "satin") finish. Truly OOAK and ready for your cosmic adventures!



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